The Night Before Principle…


I have a confession.  I was late to the office this morning.  When my alarm woke me up this morning, I immediately started to talk myself out of my regular routine.  I thought to myself, “I don’t want to go for my morning run today.  I ran yesterday.  I can stand to sleep in a little this morning instead.”  Then my argument with myself continued, “I can read my Bible at lunch.  I don’t have to read it now.”  This mental contention continued for about ten minutes until I finally got up and forced myself to get started.  I have avoided this altercation many times by applying one simple principle: “The Night Before Principle”.  

BEFORE I go to bed, I prepare for my morning routine.  I lay out my running shoes, shorts, t-shirt, headphones and my iPhone.  I decide the NIGHT BEFORE what message or podcast I will listen to during my run.  My YouVersion App has a reoccuring alarm set for 6:30am to remind me to read my Bible from my daily reading plan.  I set out my clothes for the next day so I don’t waste time in the closet wondering what to wear.  My morning is set THE NIGHT BEFORE.  

I’ve discovered that this simple, yet very intentional principle keeps me from talking myself out of my regular routine. You see, my will power is weak.  My self-discipline needs training.  By planning ahead, I’ve created a way that I can overcome those arguments with myself and avoid the regret later in the day for not doing what I know I should be doing.  

What routine do you need to sharpen that the “Night Before Principle” could help to add value to your life?  Keep the conversation going by posting your comment below! 


About ashtonstewart
I began as a son, brother, and cousin. I grew up with the most wonderfully dramatic family on earth but I love them dearly! Along the way I made a few friends and hopefully fewer enemies. In college I met my best friend in the entire world and on July 31, I married her. We've been married seven of the best years of my life. At the end of year five, we welcomed our favorite addition to the family, Ella Joy. Together we live in Warrenton, Missouri working with a new church trying to bring God all the glory! On my best day, I deserve Hell. But I am saved by the wonderful grace of Jesus. I am blessed to be married to my ministry-mate and best friend for life. We will spend all of our days seeking to please God-it's the least we can offer for the love God showers over us.

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